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Exercise to Avoid… Getting Sick Next Year!

Regular resistance exercise over a long period of time builds the immune system according to a study at Acadia University of Nova Scotia in 2004. Twenty two adults who worked out for 30 minutes of vigorous physical activity, three times a week for 11 months enjoyed a […]

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Feeling Blue? Some secrets to dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Fall is a great time of year! Bright yellow, orange, red and green are the colours of the changing season. Crisp wind, brisk cardio, warm clothes, hot food, and cosy indoor time are some of the highlights.  But for many (and especially those who are not native […]

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For all you winter sports enthusiasts.... I hope this comes in handy if you ever fall through the ice. ...

Here's how to get yourself out of the cold water if you ever fall through the ice.

Street styles ...

How to make the parking block more exciting.