My first Ramblings

To Play, to be amused, to enjoy the moment without judgements is to have access to the child within. What I’m suggesting is that tapping into your inner youth is essential for creativity, the functioning of imagination, the appreciation of beauty, the perception of art and music and poetry, and the expression of sheer joy. I insist that allowing the child inside oneself to play is fundamental to personal sanity and a livable society. Play is not only recreation, but, in a finer sense of the word, is a matter of creation and re-creation. And in the creation of fun, of play, of joy, there is a gift – this gift is an active mind, an active body, and a healthy soul.

So, what does all this philosophy mean? In simpler terms… When I think of all the sorrows and regrets of my life, not one of them is associated with the times I’ve stopped working and took time off to play.

Yaaaaa hoooooooo!!!

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