Trendy Exercise in 2014

Trendy Workout

Here is what Dr. Walter Thompson of the ACSM and Georgia State University reports are the fitness trends for 2014. The trends are based on the responses of 3815 fitness professionals among 37 countries.  Please see the list below…. and very interestingly: zumba, pilates, spin, stability, and balance were trendy exercise that were omitted from the list in 2013. 

So, Fitness Fads or Fitness Trends … only time will tell….If you need help designing or implementing your fitness system, don’t hesitate to contact, at BodyStorm Gym  in Squamish BC, or at the Bentall Centre Athletic Club in downtown Vancouver. We are a community of fitness professionals who can help you monitor your progress and give you the support you need to succeed.

 Fitness Trends 2014

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